37th National

Narrow Gauge Convention

Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd, 2017

Denver, Colorado

Marriott Denver

Tech Center Hotel

Tentative Clinic Offerings For The 37th NNGC • The Tentative Clinic Schedule is below the list please scroll down


1.     Kris Blackmarr  - Balsa Foam – making rock retaining and building walls

2.     Mason Cutchin – C&S: Inspiration for Modeling

3.     Jacob Lofgren – Pine Trees – What type various models represent

4.     Bob Rothgery – Details – elk, fish in streams, moose, cornices on buildings

5.     Jerry Day – Baby Grande, History of the D&RGW K-36 Locomotives

6.     Laurie McLean – DCC On-board Animations

7.     Dick Hunter – Railfanning the D&S, C&TS, RGS

8.     Pete Steinmentz – Dead Rail

9.     Gerry Glancy – Live build of a wood frame HOn3 trestle

10.   Travis Hardschung – Modeling desert scenery

11.   Todd Hackett – Stereopticon Pictures – how they were made an how to make them yourself

12.   Jim Ferenc – A Day in the Life of the RGS

13.   Patrick Student – Marshall Pass Part II

14.   Monte Pearson – Geology of Colorado and why you find the mines where they are

15.   Mike Lee – Tonopah Railroad

16.   Jeff Schumacher – Kennebec Central Railroad

17.   Rodney Guggenheim – Tribute to Bruce Maxwell – On the C&S

18.   Thomas Hoerman – Up, Up and Away – Cog Railroads in the USA

19.   Tony Koester – Creative Structure Kitbashing

20.   Joe Crea – Building cardstock structures with your computer

21.   Stan Jennings – Eureka Hill Railroad – Utah

22.   Harold Huber – Using HABS, HAER, And Hal in your modeling efforts

23.   Dwight Roinestad, Larry White and Tom Carnahan – Developments in Modular and Home Benchwork

24.   Paul Richardson – Building a Turntable Without Breaking the Bank

25.   Duane Richardson – If'n it Ain't Dirty, it Ain't Done

26.   Gerald Harper – Narrow Gauge and Short Line Railroads in Western Canada

27.   Dave Varney – Building and Modifying Cars for Performance and Accuracy

28.   Bob Harper – A beginners guide to 2 foot narrow gauge lines in the US, and hints on how to model them.

29.   Roger Malinowski & Pete Steinmetz – Two Hour Clinic: Pan Pastels for Structures and Rolling Stock

30.   Pete Steinmetz – Dead Rail or Battery Powered Radio Control for Model Trains

31.   Gerry Glancy – From sea to shinning sea, dual gauge in North America with modeling opportunities

32.   Todd Hackett – The Denver Boulder and Western

33.   Keith Pashina – Mines and Mining Along the Gilpin Tramway

34.   Mike Engler – Scratch building board by board and More

35.   Ed Freeman – Prototypically modeling a mine site

36.   Richard Wehr – The Ghosts of Gasoline Alley

37.   Tom Knapp – Nn3 - An Overview

38.   Kurtis Kelly – The Mysterious Frenchman” on the Colorado Central Railroad

39.   George Riley – Shooting Up the Place - Taking model photographs for publication

40.   John Niemeyer – Scale illumination

41.   Todd Leftwich – The Silverton RR Company's "Yankee Girl" - A Modeler's search for the Truth

42.   Nick Gully – Modeling light (layout illumination)

43.   Randy Meyer – Hand laying turnouts

44.   Adolfo Hungry Wolf – 50 years and 3 generations of Narrow Gauge-Model & Prototype

45.  Cameron Bryars – Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Water

46.  Jim Schiff – 3D Rapid Prototyping for Narrow Gauge

47.  Joel Bragdon – Geodesic Foam Scenery - 2 Hour Clinic

48.  Tom Grossman – Airbrush 101: Basics of Airbrush Operation and Maintenance, hands on clinic.

49.  Maureen and Rick Hunter – Applications of Weathering Mix by Hunterline

50. Geoff Bunza, Lubrication 101 Name:  Harry Kannry

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