37th National

Narrow Gauge Convention

Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd, 2017

Denver, Colorado

Marriott Denver

Tech Center Hotel

2017 National Narrow Gauge Convention - Contest Winners



Caboose Best of Show Award -

O Scale Sawmill at Long Leaf by Chuck Lind


Photos – Color Prototype

Third "In the Snow" Samuel Howard

Second "Snow Goose" Martin Pirnat

First "Two Smokes over the Line" Ron Fleckal


Photos – B&W Prototype

Third "315 at Silverton Depot" Martin Pirnat

Second "Engine 478 on Turntable, Durango" Ed Walton

First "Zayden's First Train" Kevin Sherrow


Photos – Color Model

Third "An Uncommon Locomotive Portrait" Michael Oilfisch

Second "Danielsdale Departure" Andreas Becker

First "Rico at Dusk" Ken Ehlers


Photos – B&W Model

Third "Toot the Whistle" Edward Schnaezer

Second "Morning at Log Camp" Chuck Lind

First "#454 at Ridgway" Ken Ehlers


Structures – On-line

Third, HO Scale CF&I Limestone Loader, Craig Linn

Second, O Scale Hagerman Depot, Dan Abbott

First, O Scale Sawmill at Long Leaf, Chuck Lind


Structures – Off-line

Third, 1/32 Scale Bait Shop, Don Railton

Second, F Scale Gas Station, Bob Walker

First, Paladin Plumbing Doug, Ramos


On-line Diorama

Third, HOn3 Bitteroot Canyon Mining District, Larry Diehl

Second, O Scale Tombstone Junction, Alan Hubbard

First, On30 Mountain Valley Farms, Len Eberwein


Off-line Diorama

Third, HO Scale Deadwood City, June 1876 Jack Anfinson

Second, HO National Belle Mine North Ore House David Zolnierek

First, O Scale Fremont Town John Campbell



Third, New Mexico HOn3 "Chili Caliente" Cheryl Lavender

Second, Slim Rails "Penasco" Don Bailey

First, On30 "Storm King" Mark Allen


Modular Layout

Third, HOn3 St. Louis Mudhens, Steve Hollenbach

Second, HOn3 Near Sighted Narrow Gaugers, Jerry Wulff

First, HOn3 New Mexico NG Model Club, Cheryl Lavender


Complete Train

Third, On30 Inglenook Junction Train, Jim Wanlass

Second, Hon3 SPNG Stock Extra, Steven Bradley

First, On30 Logging Work Train, Edward Schaenzer


Square Footer – Mining theme

Third, Sn3 Yankee Girl Mine, Steven Frediani

Second, O Scale 1930’s Oil Drilling Rig, Edward Schaenzer

First, HOn3 1910 Colorado Silver Mine, Mike Engler


Motive Power - Rod Locomotive

Third, 1:20.4 D&RGW 462, Austin Goodwin

Second, On3 D&RGW 278, John Campbell

First, Sn3 C&S 58, Dan Pyzel


Motive Power - Geared Locomotive

Third, 1/8” Scale Fiddletown & Copperoplis #8, Gary Nichols

Second, On3 3-truck Shay, John Doig

First, Fn3 3-truck Climax, Don Niday


Motive Power - Other

Third, On3 Fire Goose, Mark Allen

Second, On30 Rio Grande Railbus, Jim Schulz

First, On3 Yard Diesel, John Doig


Rolling Stock - Caboose

Third, 1:24 RGS 0404, Stan Rhine

Second, WSLCo Caboose #4, Frank Markovich

First, Gn3 D&RGW Pagosa Springs Combine, Barry Bogs


Rolling Stock - Revenue Freight Car

Third, On3 RG&P Fruit Car #1006, Alan Badham

Second, On3 Oahu Ry Pineapple Car, Jim Chiddix

First, 1:24 D&RGW 30’ Reefer #47, Stan Rhine


Rolling Stock - Passenger Car

Third, Sn3 C&S Combine #20, Ken Ehlers

Second, 1:20.3 D&rRGW Coach 284, Austin Goodwin

First, Fn3 Passenger Car Under Construction, Dan Stuettgen


Rolling Stock - Logging Car

Third, On3 Logging Car Disconnects Dennis Rever

Second, On30 Disconnects with Big Stick Mark Allen

First, Logging Disconnects w/Loads Jim Wanlass


Rolling Stock - Special Equipment

Third, HO scale “SS Tiverton” Pete Doty

Second, On3 West Side Wood Water Car, Frank Markovich

First, O Scale Donkey Engine, Dennis Rever


Rolling Stock - Maintenance-of-Way

Third, On3 SPC Pile Driver, John Robinson

Second, On3 RG&P Crew Car 10616, Alan Badham

First, Gn3 D&RGW Rotary OM, Barry Bogs



Third, O Scale Musicians on Gondola, Laurie McLean

Second, O Scale Drunk & Dog, Laurie McLean

First, O Scale David’s Diner, John Ehresmann


Special Awards:

Gazette Award

Fn3 Betsy locomotive, Jim Schulz


The Midwood Memorial Award

On30 O’neill’s Fabrication, Ed Schaenzer


Fantasonics Engineering Award

O Scale David’s Diner, John Ehresmann


Sn3 Modeler Award

Sn3 Yankee Girl Mine, Steven Friediani


FEBT Rivet Counters Award

NNGC Committee Challenge Award – Mining-theme Gondola

On30 Yukon Copper Co. Gon William Horky


Lee Riley Memorial Award - On30 Scale

WW1 Baldwin Loco in On30 Leslie Davis


Lee Riley Memorial Award - Large Scale

1/8” Scale Fiddletown & Copperoplis #8, Gary Nichols



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